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Digital becomes the 2nd most used media by advertisers

08 Août Digital becomes the 2nd most used media by advertisers

The Observatory of e-Advertising produced by the SRI and UDECAM in partnership with PWC, 2014 decrypts a market marked by the explosion of programmatic, mobile and video.

Featuring a 4% growth in late 2014 and weighing the equivalent of $ 2.9 billion, the digital media is now the second invested by advertisers (25%), told reporters. For the Observatory of e-advertising, the end of 2015 could sign the advent of digital, which spend watching television (30%).

An optimistic forecast that is based on the observation of the international market: if the French market is dynamic, its development potential is important if the hexagonal media spending compared (25%) to more mature markets such as the United Kingdom (37%) and Germany (32%).

The progression of the display (+ 8%, 813 million euros) explains that healthy digital. It was driven by the growth of programmatic (+ 66%, € 195 million), which in 2014 represented 24% of total expenditures display.

In fact, the Observatory of e-pub is an improvement and maturity of the offer, be it at the governed, market places or trading desk. Visibility, data, security and premium enabled the programmatic approach to gain transparency and quality.

The “in-stream” is the dominant size (+ 77%): its strong momentum is due to the rise of catch-up, increasingly used by viewers. Evidenced by the number of views video replay which grew in 2014 by 85%. With a completion rate of 75%, the pre-roll is anchored firmly in the uses. The mobile explodes, supported by social networks. Finally, the mobile acts as a catalyst for the development of video format: indicator meaning that 57% of video campaigns are multi-screen campaigns.

More generally, the mobile saw a significant acceleration both in traffic with a tilt of the fixed to the mobile audience (+ 68%) than in advertising investments (+ 77% versus 57% in 2013). Besides this volume effect, the Observatory of e-pub score better monetization and integration formats. The power of mobile search (+ 76%) leads to a revaluation of the CPC.

The growth of the mobile display (+ 80%), for its part, is largely due to the rise of social networks that contributes up to 41%.

The distribution of mobile display investment here is illuminating: they increased by 37% excluding social networks, this figure rises to 175% for the only social networks. They enjoy a rocking their audience on mobile: Facebook conclude 2014 with 75% of mobile users on Twitter and draws 85% of its revenue from mobile.

Under the factors that favor mobile boom, we note the emergence of new formats such as auto-play, advertising native deployment and improved multidevice targeting tools like Atlas, the adserver Facebook launched last fall.