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In order to make your next campaign a success.


We select instagramers with your teams depending on the audience and target

The client determines the budget, the audience and the geographical zone. Depending on the goals decided by the marketing direction, we carefully draft the specification. Thanks to InTarget program, we provide a selection – subjected to the approval of your teams regarding the profiles – the instagramers most likely to produce interest (purchase directly through the store, level of participation to your events) for the promoted product or event.


The chosen influencers publish on their profile the pictures previously selected by your teams.

As soon as the instagramers are selected, we take charge of the campaign monitoring. We submit the different views created by instagramers, which gives you a total control over your brand. As soon as you approve it, we launch your campaign.

We organize the different posts according to the broadcasting schedule, determined by InOptimal, our software program of predictive analysis, in order to optimize the level of interaction of your posts.


You receive every month a detailed reporting of your campaign with key indicators

Our InData solution accompanies you all the way long. We provide you with clear reporting for an immediate visibility over the evolution and outcomes of your campaign. Our teams are at your service to give you recommendations related to the results.