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Our solutions

Three software solutions to boast a record optimization level

Spare time and identify key instagramers for each country.

By working with the biggest worldwide instagramers, Makarond makes your campaign reach a high quality audience.

We are reliable partners of the biggest worldwide instagramers, offering to the brands the opportunity to reach target audiences in an appropriate context.

Reach the appropriate audience, timely and in a suitable context.

A consumer will decide to buy if he is reached out in an appropriate way at the right time. Today, an instagramer is suspected to increase by 60% the potential of a consumer to buy.

Original and unprecedented content will be shared but will not have any impact if it is not passed on by the appropriate people on the suitable platform.

Pay per completed view only

We have eliminated the problem associated with visibility and impressions. We think you should pay only for pictures that have produced engagement. This is the reason why we have chosen the CPCV basis.



InTarget enables us, via algorithms, to target the instagramers most likely to create a trend in their community with your products.



InData offers multiple functionalities linked to data on Instagram. Our solution provides you with access to more than 80 KPIs that guarantees monitoring and management of your campaign.
With this software program, we deliver you reporting so you can analyze and adjust your campaign outcomes and measure its impact. This tool helps us understand as best as possible your community behavior.



InOptimal determines the most opportune time to publish a picture of the product for each instagramer in order to maximize the level of interactions and visibility.

We determine the best time and weekday to optimize interaction of your post.
We search for the most shared hashtags in order to choose the ones most likely to create more interactions.
We identify the filters most used by influencers and select those that create the most important engagement.