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Instagramers more and more attractive to advertisers

12 Sep Instagramers more and more attractive to advertisers

With a superior commitment to Facebook and stronger emotion related to the image, the Instagramers attracting more and more French advertisers. Established in 2010, Instagram was acquired by Facebook in 2012 for 747 million dollars (594 million euros).

At the time, it had 80 million active users. Today it accumulates 300 million and has just exceeded Twitter. Enough to arouse the interest of brands, especially when Instagram shows a commitment rate 60 times that of Facebook. But, outside the strong commitment of the members, and what attracts brands on Instagram?

The image is the shared content on the Internet, meets George Shemla, co-founder of the agency Liiinks first advertising agency dedicated to Instagram.

With the picture, no language barrier, directly playing with emotions. Given the current impoverishment of the text, we have seen the last two years the advent of social networks in the photo, like Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, Snapchat …

Another advantage Instagram: mobility. If the sponsoring brands by bloggers is common practice for a long time, partnerships between advertisers and influencers on Instagram are newer, especially in France. Thus, they would be a French fifty Instagramers paid by brands.

To be part of it, better to exceed 50,000 followers (subscribers). For now, the French advertisers primarily offer benefits (travel, clothing …). The most influential Instagramers (over 100,000 subscribers) may however be remunerated.

Liiinks deals to relate influential photographers on Instagram and advertisers. Advertisers interested in Instagramers with a strong audience (number of subscribers) and a visual signature or identifiable style. They also seek on Instagram a social experience, taking advantage of the strong bond created between the influencer and community, very active on the social network. “Do not put too much product forward on Instagram, nor come here to spend a commercial message,” warns George Shemla.